Peace & Harmony Foundation

An Initiative for the Promotion of Universal Peace and Religious Harmony



Assisi Institute For Peace Studies has inaugurated Peace Clubs in various schools at the statewide level which helps to enhance the inner peace of the students.

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The Foundation Thought

"Lord Make me an instrument of your Peace..." is 'the Peace Prayer' of the world, known in the name of the great apostle of peace, St. Francis of Assisi. Every follower of this great saint begins his/her day with this prayer. As I used to recite this prayer in the midst of political violence in Kannur it struck me deeply from within. What is my response to this prayer was the question that disturbed me for days and night.! Moved by the divine inspiration and with the support of own friars and friends we started to work for peace in politically disturbed area of Kerala.
Fr. Scaria Kalloor OFM Cap
Founder & Chairman
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Bishop Dr. Varghese Chakkalackal officially inaugurated this new peace initiative on 29th May, 2012 at Kannur.

Inagurational Ceremony

Peace & Harmony Foundation

Fr. Scaria Kalloor OFM Cap

The Founder and Chairman of Peace & Harmony Foundation

Happiness comes when you follow your own path. When you refuse to settle for others expectation of what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and instead live the life you know is right for YOU. When your actions in life back up your words, when you know inside you are living true to yourself, that is when you can’t be anything but happy. Happiness lies in integrity.
Mahatma Gandhi
Father of Nation

Vision & Mission

Bringing Peace in the Society & Religions to Harmony.

Mile Stone & Establishment

It was the Vision & Mission of St. Francis to bring religion to harmony & peace. Moved by the example of St. Francis we started to work for religious amity. It is to promote these two values namely peace in the society and harmony among the religious that Peace & Harmony Foundation is established.

Our Moto

"Together Towards Harmonious Peace"

Peace & Harmony Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust under the care of the Pavanatma Capuchin Province Kannur.

We focus Mainly on >>

  • Peace Promotion

    Peace Promotion at the Socio Political and Educational areas.

  • Religious Harmony

    Promotion of Religious Harmony & Amity in the Society.

  • Empowerment

    Empowerment of the weaker sections of the society particularly the tribal communities of Kerala.

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