Peace Building Programme
Together Towards Harmonious Peace

Assisi Institute of Peace Studies

The ultimate aim of education should be to produce good human beings, men and women of character. This is possible only if there is meaningful input of human values in the process of the development of young people. Children and youth need to be helped to ease pressure and anxiety. Reduce aggression traits and negative inputs and encourage positive thinking and healthy attitudes to overcome difficult situations. With the changeover to the nuclear family set-up and the problems, the parents do not get enough time to help the children to ease their tensions and solve their problems. With this background, we propose to introduce peace clubs at educational institutions.
Peace and harmony foundation has been engaging in peace promotion for the last 10 years. We have started an Institute for Peace Studies in Kannur with the name, Assisi Institute for Peace Studies (AIPS), which will carry forward the mission of Peace and Harmony Foundation. In the context of growing violence in the society, it is an urgent need to inculcate values of peace. religious harmony and Ahimsa (non-violence) in the minds of children at an early age. To this end, we have also made a proposal to the government to include Peace Studies in the new education curriculum. Assisi Institute for Peace Studies (AIPS) is ever willing to help you to establish Peace Club in your institution.